The most important step is deciding whether to sell your property. There could be many factors such as are you upsizing, downsizing , looking to move out of the area? Once you have weighed up your options the best step is to get an agent out to give you an idea on where the property sits in the current market.

Selling a property is a big move, whether it is an investment, family home or inheritance you want to know exactly what is happening. Communication is important especially when offers come in, feedback from buyers and general enquiry on a daily basis. It is important you feel comfortable with your agent as it is a daily conversation on what is happening and how everything is progressing

The method of sale is important in achieving a fantastic price on the property. It is important you ask as many questions as possible to ensure your agent has informed you of the positives and negative of each method of sale and what would be the best method to achieving the highest sale price.

A property cannot be sold without a contract for sale. Depending on which council the property falls under it can generally take up to two weeks to have this prepared, to save any delays once the decision has been made, give your solicitor or conveyancing a call to have this prepared.

We always say less is more when it comes to photography. Getting the property ready for the marketing it is important you go through the property with your agent to get professional advise on what should stay, go or be moved so the property is shown in the best possible way.

Once you have appointed an agent and photos have been taken, contract for sale has been received the property is ready to hit the market. This step is the most exciting as it is live on websites to all buyers that your property is for sale.

Generally open homes are on a Saturday for approx. 30 minutes. This does depend on the property and a day and time will be booked prior to marketing

Once offers have been received the negotiation process begins.

Taking the offer or not? A decision which needs to be made. If the offer is accepted, a 0.25% deposit is initially left. Generally it is a 5-10 day cooling off period if it is sold via private treat method. If it is under auction conditions it generally is with a s66w certificate and 5% or 10% deposit.

Solicitors set a settlement date when the possession of the property is taken upon with the new buyers.